Embarking on a Spanish language holiday to Spain is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture. However, understanding the costs involved is crucial for effective planning. In this article, we'll delve into the various factors that influence the price of a Spanish language holiday and give you a few examples.

How much does it cost?

If only it was that easy! The cost of doing a Spanish course in Spain varies according to many factors: from the type of course, the number of hours you want to spend in the classroom, what kind of accommodation you need and the length of time you plan to study in Spain.

The most commonly booked course is a 2-4 week intensive course with accommodation in a shared apartment, so we’ll use that as a guide. A 2-week course at one of Estudia-España’s language schools in Granada and Alicante (with accommodation) will cost €520 for the whole package. A similar package in Madrid would cost €784, in Cádiz €724 and in Málaga €748. There are plenty of other cities and schools to choose from, but generally speaking you will pay more for a course/accommodation in the capital and in places such as Barcelona,

How to choose your Spanish course

Of course, some people will want more (or fewer) hours in the classroom. Some will want to do an official exam such as the D.E.L.E. exam, or you might want to add private lessons to your group lessons to increase the learning effect. All of these factors will have an effect on the price: 5 private lessons per week can add €100-€250 to the weekly cost, depending on the school and  length of lesson. Exam courses often involve a standard intensive course followed by extra hours preparing specifically for the exam content. Holiday courses of only 10 hours per week will give you plenty of free time to explore. There are also courses for people aged 50+, which put like-minded Spanish learners together and include a programme of cultural activities.

Choose the course that best suits your needs, and remember, the fact that your course will be taking place in Spain provides you with the opportunity to use and practice your language skills. Your progress will be huge when you combine the intensity of learning in the classroom with getting out there and exploring the bars, restaurants, beaches and parks of these amazing cities and getting to know the fantastic, friendly people.

What about the accommodation?

The price examples above include accommodation in a shared apartment, which is generally the cheapest option. But don’t forget: this does not include any of your meals. While homestays are (sometimes considerably) more expensive, these come with half or even full-board, meaning that you don’t have to budget for meals. However, the reason most people choose to stay with a Spanish is because of the additional “free” Spanish-speaking practice they will get. It guarantees daily, intensive contact with the language. If you don’t think you will make use of this and cost is a more important factor, a shared apartment will work out cheaper at most schools. 

Staying in a shared apartment, as already mentioned, is the cheapest option. Prices start from €100 per week in Granada and Alicante for example, with bigger cities becoming more expensive. You’ll have all the cooking utensils and facilities you need to prepare your own food individually. You will share an apartment with other international students from the school, with Spanish often being the default language for communication. Therefore, as in the case with families, you will get some additional language practice here too.

Here are some more tips on how to make your Spanish course more affordable:
The longer you stay, the cheaper it becomes

At first glance, you may see that, for example, a 1-week Spanish at school ‘X’ may cost €125. However, if you choose a longer term course of 8-10 weeks, this weekly price may drop to well under €100. The same can apply to the cost of accommodation. Check out the price calculator on the Estudia-España website. 

Our tip: Always check how much an extra week would cost. In some cases, you might end up paying even less for that extra week because of the way the pricing works!

Location is a key price factor

In a lot of cases, the accommodation will actually be the largest expense, and not the actual Spanish language course. This is especially true in Madrid and Barcelona, which have by far the highest living costs in all of Spain. If you want to save money on accommodation, it might be better to look at courses in smaller cities, such as Cadiz, Salamanca or Granada.

It is also worth noting that some schools, especially those located in popular holiday destinations on the coast, charge an extra fee in the high season. The high season dates vary by city, but usually cover the summer months from around mid-June to mid-September. For example in Sevilla the high season is around Easter, when the world-famous Semana Santa events take place. In Málaga it's generally the summer months. Some schools (in places such as Granada and Alicante) don't add seasonal supplements.

As in most countries, the capital city tends to be more expensive. This is also true for learning Spanish in Spain. However, the difference in price is probably not as much as you would expect, and due to the fact that there are several schools to choose from, you can still shop around. Some schools in coastal cities have a summer supplement on accommodation and/or courses.

Registration fees

You will see when you check the school prices that some schools charge an additional registration fee or for books. Unfortunately, these costs are unavoidable. Generally speaking, choosing a school with or without a registration will not drastically change the costs - especially when comparing prices of schools in deifferent cities. If comparing school prices in the same city, it may make a slight difference.

You will ALWAYS pay less when booking with Estudia-España

It may seem too good to be true - but it is true! Estudia-España offers discounts and has special offers at ALL its language schools in Spain. They work very closely with all the Spanish schools in order to provide you with the best deals for your language course in Spain (and South America!). With savings of between 5-15% on all Spanish courses, maybe you’ll be able to squeeze in another week of learning, or use the money you save to put towards the cost of the flight or simply a night of tapas while you’re in Spain.

We are here to help

If you are still stuck as to where or when to book, simply reach out to Estudia-España! We have many years of experience in helping students find the course that they are looking for, at prices that are cheaper than booking directly with the schools! Contact us via WhatsApp, email or using our website chat - we are happy to help!

Alternatively, check out the comprehensive FAQs - you'll find the answers to all your questions about planning, booking and doing a Spanish course in Spain.