Terms of Service


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service.

All clients are subject to the terms and conditions relating to the particular school they wish to study Spanish at. However, these general terms and conditions enable us to provide regulations pertaining to the use of our website, which also cover the schools we represent.

Estudia-España.eu (also referred to as the “Agency") is an online platform for finding, researching and booking Spanish courses at schools in Spain and South America. Estudia-España acts in its role as an intermediary as the representative of the schools listed on this website. All the schools represented herein have given their express permission for Estudia-España to market, sell and represent their institutions. Estudia-España also offers customers (also referred to as “Clients”) the possibility to reserve accommodation at their chosen school in their chosen destination.

Estudia-España does not own or operate any language schools or educational institutions. Furthermore, Estudia-España is not a travel agency. We do not offer flights or other transport options in order to get to the chosen destination. We strongly advise that customers take out their own travel and medical insurance before undertaking any trip. All travel to and from the chosen destination will be organised solely by the client.

1. Use of the Estudia-España.eu website

Use of this website is subject to the user accepting these terms and conditions in full. The terms and conditions set out below constitute the full agreement between the user and Estudia-España. Accessing and/or using this website signifies that you agree to the terms of use and undertake not to use this website for purposes that are unlawful or prohibited, including under these terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of the individual schools may also apply.

2. Website content and accuracy

The agency will do its utmost to ensure that the content shown on the website is accurate and correct. This includes descriptions of schools and accommodation and prices. This information is entirely based on information provided by the language schools we represent. The Agency cannot be held responsible for erroneous information appearing on our website that was provided to us in good faith by the schools we represent. Furthermore, Estudia-España will not be held responsible for typographical errors, accuracy of information or interruptions to the visibility of content on the website. We will always endeavour to provide clients with the correct information at any time. If one of the above mentioned inaccuracies comes to light after a booking has been placed, the agency will contact the client as soon as possible to inform them of the erroneous information.

We use photos as part of our wish to give clients as much information about the school and accommodation available at that given school. In the case of accommodation photos, although the photos do depict real examples of the school’s accommodation, they must be considered a guide as it cannot be guaranteed that the exact accommodation will be available, or allocated to, our clients. All photos are meant as a guide only.

All clients are subject to the terms and conditions relating to the particular school they wish to study Spanish at. However, these general terms and conditions enable us to provide regulations pertaining to the use of our website, which also cover the schools we represent.

3. Booking a Spanish course

(i) Estudia-España.eu is a booking platform for finding and booking Spanish courses in Spain in South America. We provide detailed information about the individual schools, courses and available accommodation. We strongly encourage clients to fully research the school in question before making a booking. The agency cannot be held responsible for not providing information that the client has missed, but was otherwise available on our website. Furthermore, Estudia-España openly names the schools it represents. Prospective clients have full access to all the school’s detailed information and terms and conditions of the services they provide. Again, we encourage prospective clients to do their research.

(ii) Once a client has done their research and decided to book a Spanish course, they will be asked to fill in an application form. The details we request on the form are necessary pieces of information in order to reserve a place on a course with the relevant partner school. Without the full completion of the required fields in the registration, a reservation will not be possible.

(iii) All important information regarding health issues, allergies, disabilities and dietary needs must be communicated to the agency at the time of booking.

(iv) Some clients require a visa in order to study Spanish or travel to Spain. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure they have all necessary and valid travel documents, including visas, passports and ID cards. The Agency can assist in providing some of the documentation necessary (e.g. an invitation from a language school) but it is the responsibility of the client to determine whether or not they need a visa. Please contact the relevant embassy or consulate in your country for current information on visas and travel permits for the country you wish to travel to. Supporting documents which you may need for a successful visa application (such as a receipt for fees, confirmation of enrollment, etc.) can be provided by us once registration and payment have been made.

4. Booking process and confirmation

Once a booking has been made, we at Estudia-España will receive immediate notification. The client will receive a pre-confirmation of their booking. Clients should check this pre-confirmation and notify the agency of any errors, or additional information that should be added. Please check dates, course and accommodation types and length of course. Within 48 hours, the agency will be in touch with an invoice for the deposit. This invoice represents full confirmation of a place on the course/accommodation and comes into effect as soon as payment of the deposit has been paid (see payment terms below).

Please note that courses start on a Monday and if accommodation is also booked, this begins on the Sunday before a course, unless otherwise stated in the description available about the school. Sometimes extra nights are available in the accommodation but this depends on availability. Please note on your registration when an extra night is required, and Estudia-España will confirm availability within 48 hours, with the confirmation notice/invoice.

5. Payment terms

(i) Upon booking a course at one of our partner schools, Estudia-España will, within 48 hours of receiving the electronic booking, contact the client with an invoice. This invoice is also the full confirmation for the course/accommodation and comes into effect as soon as the payment has been made. Invoices will be valid for 7-10 days, in which time payment must be made. If no payment is received by the agency in this time, a place on the course cannot be guaranteed.

(ii) Payment deadlines. As mentioned, invoices, and therefore confirmations, are valid for 7-10 days until payment has been made. For bookings made 6 weeks before a course begins, the client will receive an invoice for a deposit to be paid. Depending on the school, course type, accommodation, length of course, this deposit will range from approx. 15-20% of the full price of the services booked. If a course/accommodation has been booked less than 5 weeks before a course begins, the invoice will be for the full payment.

(iii) Payment of remaining fees can be made directly to Estudia-España, or in some cases, we will provide information on making a direct payment of the balance to the school where the course will take place.

6. Cancellation policy

(i) Estudia-España will apply the general terms and conditions on cancellation for all of our individual partner schools. Each school’s cancellation policy will apply to bookings made at that particular school. The gerneral terms and conditions will appear before confirming the booking in the booking system.

(ii) Estudia-España’s cancellation policy will apply as follows. For cancellations made less than 28 days before the start date, the client will be charged 2 weeks of the program booked (course and/or accommodation, if booked), and any enrollment fee included in the booking price.

For cancellations made less than 14 days before a course starts, or in the case of a ‘no show’, course fees will be forfeited.

7. After payment has been made

After payment has been made, 1-2 weeks before the course begins, clients will receive information about the accommodation they have booked. This will include the address and the process for picking up keys. Clients will also be informed of the procedure upon arrival at the school on the first day of the course.

8. Estudia-España special offers and vouchers

(i) From time to time, the Estudia-España.eu platform will offer special offers. These can include discounts on course prices or other special rates. These offers are subject to change but valid if in place at the time of booking and at least until payment of the deposit.

(ii) As part of its marketing, Estudia-España issues vouchers of varying values for use against the price of a future booking on our platform. Only one voucher can be used per booking, no matter what the value of the voucher.

9. General Terms and conditions applicable after arrival at destination

(i) Clients are generally bound by the terms and conditions applicable to the school where the course takes place.

(ii) Courses and public holidays. All courses start on a Monday. However, if a public holiday takes place on a Monday, the course will start on a Tuesday. There will be no compensation or recovery of lessons that are missed due to a public holiday except in the case that there are two public holidays in one week. In this case, one day of lessons will usually be made up in the form of extra lessons outside of the normal schedule. These terms are entirely at the discretion of the partner schools.

(iii) Clients will receive their course plan at the beginning of the course. Clients are solely responsible for attending classes on time. Classes that are not attended or for which the client is otherwise absent will not be made up or covered by the school. This includes in the case of sickness.

(iv) In some cases, meals are included in accommodation types. No refunds will be given if meals are missed or not required by the client. This includes in the case that clients are unable to attend meals due to excursions or exams. Clients are to inform host families if they do not intend to have a particular meal on any given day. This includes in the case of sickness.

(v) All partner schools reserve the right to change start dates, course schedules, excursion plans or anything else related to school-oriented organisation. No guarantees can be given as to course times and schedules. This is entirely down to the partner school and cannot be influenced in any way. Partner schools also have the right to change the location of courses to other buildings or classrooms.

(vi) In some rare cases, it may be necessary to reduce the hours of the course that has been booked. Partner schools reserve the right to reduce the number of hours or change the type of course if there are not enough students in attendance on the booked course. This could include private lessons to the value of the course originally booked. This is done at the discretion of the partner school.

(vii) All partner schools have a schedule of excursions and extra-curricular activities, both at an extra cost and free, for the benefit of Spanish course participants. At its own discretion, schools can change, postpone and cancel these excursions and extra-curricular activities at short notice.

(viii) Unless a client is a total beginner with no previous knowledge of Spanish, clients will be placed in a class after the completion of a level test which takes place on the first day at school. If a client obtains a level but subsequently there are no other participants to make up a class at that level, the school will place the client in an appropriate class.

(ix) Partner schools do not guarantee a minimum number of participants in a class. If the number of students in a group does not meet the minimum required by the partner school to be financially viable, clients may receive a different course programme than originally booked. The altered programme will be of the same value as the original programme booked. Partner schools do guarantee a maximum number of participants in a given class. If a maximum number is exceeded than that described in the terms and conditions of the partner school, it is the responsibility of the client to bring this to the attention of the school.

(x) By registering with Estudia-España on a Spanish course at one of our partner schools, the client undertakes to attend classes regularly and to observe the rules and regulations of the respective schools and the laws of the respective countries. Course participants who disobey the rules can and will be excluded by the school without the payment of compensation.

(xi) In cases where the client also reserves accommodation during their course at one of our partner schools, the school will be the point of contact for problems relating to the accommodation. If a client is not happy or has issues with the accommodation, they should contact the school secretary without delay. Estudia-España cannot be held responsible for shortcomings in the accommodation provided by the school. However, if such shortcomings do arise, please also inform Estudia-España in order that we can make sure quality standards are upheld.

10. Competitions and promotions terms conditions

From time to time, Estudia-España will promote competitions, special offers and other promotions. The following conditions will apply:


(i) Anyone over the age of 17 can enter the competition. The competition can be entered on our website and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

(ii) Only one entry is permitted per person. Submitting an email address will be necessary if entering on the website. Email submission will not be necessary if entering through a social media platform.

Course materials, examination fees, airport transfers, and the cost of activities and excursions are not included except where specifically stated. Estudia-España will not refund any monies to a client who applies for a course requiring a specific level and is then found to be unable to join the course after the initial level test. In this case, the client will be offered a suitable alternative by the school and any difference in price (if the alternative course is less expensive) will be refunded. In cases where there are insufficient numbers to run a group class, a reduced number of individual classes may be offered or the course may be offered at another school of similar standard.

(iii) The closing date for entries will be the 31st March 2023. All entries received before midnight on this date will be entered into the draw. Entries received after this cut-off point will not be entered. The closing date will be clearly indicated on the website promotion of the competition and on social media promotions.

(iv) The prize will be a voucher for a 1 week Spanish course and 1 week accommodation in a single room, shared apartment at our partner school Proyecto Espanol in Granada or Alicante. The voucher can ONLY be redeemed by booking the course using the Estudia-España platform. The voucher cannot be used to book a course or accommodation at any other of our partner schools. Furthermore, no cash alternative will be offered. If a winner wishes to book a longer Spanish course with accommodation, they will not be charged for 1 week of the booked course and 1 week of the booked accommodation.

(v) The winner will be notified by email by Estudia-España no later than 7 days after the competition closes.

(vi) Winners will be chosen by using an online random picker platform. The draw will take place 3 days after the competition has closed.

(vii) Winners will have to claim their prize, i.e. confirm receipt of our winner’s email,  within 4 weeks of being notified. The Spanish course/accommodation can be booked anytime in 2023 and the course/accommodation must be taken before the end of March 2024. Course and accommodation must be booked for the same period.

(viii) If a winner is not able to use the prize, Estudia-España will allow the prize to be transferred to the name of one other person. The same booking conditions apply to this person.

(ix) Estudia-España uses Facebook to communicate and/or administer the competition. Facebook is in no way involved in endorsing or sponsoring the promotion. Furthermore, the promotion is not administered or associated with Facebook.

11. Vouchers and gift cards

Vouchers will be issued by Estudia-España as part of promotions, giveaways, refunds or incentives. They will also be available to buy in the form of a gift voucher. The following terms and conditions apply to vouchers:

(i) Vouchers have a monetary value and can only be used against the price of Spanish courses booked on the Estudia-España platform. They cannot be used to book courses directly at any of our partner schools. The vouchers cannot be used as cash and Estudia-España will not exchange money for vouchers.

(ii) Vouchers are issued with a unique code number. This number must be used when making a booking. The monetary value of the voucher will be deducted from the price of the course booked and the invoice will be issued minus the value of the voucher.

12. Reproduction of website content

The descriptions and texts, and technical infrastructure (CMS, booking engine etc.) on this website are the property of Estudia-España. Clients may make limited copies of information which is pertinent to booking a course or, for example, having the correct information to get to their destination. Users agree not to reproduce, publish or distribute information any information found on this website. Using the website or its contents for commercial purposes is not permitted. Furthermore, it is not permitted to use any part of this website, other than mentioned above, without prior permission.

13. Use of photos

The imagery used on our website is done with licensing agreements and, in some cases, with the express knowledge and permission from the schools we represent. Other photos come from our own stock of images. Under no circumstances is it permitted to copy, reproduce or otherwise use - be it for private or commercial use - the images appearing on the Estudia-España website.

14. Third-party websites

This website could contain links to third party websites (for example to online payment services or social media sites) operated by entities who are in no way related to, or the responsibility of, Estudia-España. Third party website owners are responsible for their own content and have their own privacy policy and terms of use. Furthermore, links to such third party websites does not imply an endorsement of their services or products by Estudia-España, but are nevertheless considered to be a necessary part of the service we offer.

15. Booking and Payment

Reservation of courses and/or reservation is online using the Estudia-Espana website or by requesting a registration which will be sent and must be returned by email. On receipt of a registration for Estudia-Espana will issue a ‘pre-confirmation invoice’. To complete the registration process a deposit of around 20% (depending on which school is applicable) is payable by bank transfer. The remaining fees can be transferred to Estudia-Espana 4 weeks prior to departure. Alternatively, the balance can be transferred directly to the school or (in most cases) directly in the school during the first 3 days of the course.

Prices and Surcharges

Estudia-Espana raises no extra charges. Prices are based on the schools own official price list. Estudia-Espana course prices include discounts based on the schools official price list. Customers wishing to pay total fees directly to Estudia-Espana (and not directly to the school) will face no surcharge for the costs incurred by Estudia-Espana for international money transfers.